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Sci-fi Endless Runner

Race your space pod through a procedurally generated gauntlet of space stations, asteroids, and debris in this single-player sci-fi endless runner.



Mission & Endless Modes

Progress through increasingly difficult courses in mission mode and compete against global leaderboards for best distance in endless mode.

Unique Every Time

Each play-through is unique with procedurally generated space stations and random placement of asteroids, booster rockets and space-age dangers.


Use power-ups to your advantage by changing the behaviour of your space pod. Phase Shift through solid objects, slow your descent, and repair damage to extend your run.


Compete globally on the leaderboards and experience the thrill of victory as you race past your rivals with their best distance visible in-game.

Destructible Chaos

Destructible environments react to your crashes, exploding from the point of impact and cascading in unique waves of destruction.

Visit Alien Exoplanets

Each mission takes you to a sci-fi environment inspired by the latest available knowledge astronomers have on real exoplanets.


Unlock new missions, endless mode, space pod cosmetic skins, and achievements as you progress.

Controller Support

Descent Vector supports keyboard and mouse control along with natural feeling full controller support.

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